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Flesh and Blood - Player's Perspective

Flesh and Blood - Player's Perspective

A glimpse from Jessie De Sousa's perspective in the Final match to win his ticket to Baltimore in Kelowna.

"To simplify the game, playing Lexi into Dromai I have one game plan; find Endless Arrow. It allows free dragon removal every turn as well as chip damage once my other arrows with disruptive on hit effects force out all his defense. This game started ROUGH. Two Rain Razors + 3 of a Kind turns were mediocre, my opponent dealt a ton of early damage due to my lack of huge threats, and he really knows how to punish these turns with Dromai.

Life totals were 11-35 in his favor when I finally found one. I had no idea if this comeback is possible but I know I gotta give it a shot. Some good hands with fused Chilling Iceveins force blocks allowing me to chip away with Endless Arrow, as well as a couple timely reactions to push it over the top and get it back when he does have an answer for it. They then start to threaten a huge turn after mine didn't force blocks due to having little control attached to it, beginning by Invoking Yendurai. By some lucky miracle I drew 1 of my 2 Battering Bolts to pop his dragon with Phantasm and cut his turn short. Life totals going into the final turn were extremely tight.

Endless is gone as it got blocked out last turn but let me keep tempo. My hand is Art of War, Chilling Icevein Red, Heat Seeker, and a Blue pitch card. Tunic with a counter ready as my only equipment. Pitch and load Heat Seeker giving it go again with Voltaire and fire it. Opponent knows the matchup well and spends a few seconds going through my graveyard and considers what I might have in hand. Blocks 5 and says "If you've got it, you've got it". Fortunately for me, I do have "it" (Art of War). I play it with my last pitch and realize I don't have enough pitch to play my Chilling Icevein later this turn, so I declare the modes for AoW to be +1 to my attacks and Banish the Icevein (the last card in my hand) to draw two. If I draw a dud here I very likely lose the next turn.

I drew a red Ice Quake and a red Lightning Surge, and my Heat Seeker hits for 1, leaving me one final push from victory. I use my Tunic resource to pay for Ice Quake, and play the Lightning Surge for 8. His hand can't block enough and I'm able to take the win, after what felt like a near impossible comeback. Still can't believe it happened. It was an incredible game against an equally incredible opponent, and I'm looking forward to what ProTour has in store."

Jessie will go to Baltimore with his Pro tour invite to compete with some of the best players around the world for $200,000 cash prize.